Petra W. Hemelrijk


About the artist’s work
In my work I look for ways to break loose from the distressing ties of daily life’s obligations and responsibilities. In the beginning I expressed this by the use of powerful colours of paint and let it flow and go across the canvas. This resulted in images that triggered my imagination. These where a catalyst for thoughts and association. This work I called “Pareidolia”

The obligations and responsibilities are shown by literally sewing the free images onto the canvas. Also whole patterns are applied to impede sight of the free image behind it in order to invoke curiosity after the free image or even freedom itself.

Other aspects that I have been working on, are expressing the belief in possibilities and challenges. Working with frameworks I offered myself a dive into another maybe strange world. Here I could find imaginations of these possibilities and challenges.

The landscape has always been something close to my heart. So I started to paint landscapes in the free and loose way that I had developed in previous years. This resulted in flowing unexpected images of illusive landscapes.

Later on my work started to develop into a more impressionistic way of representing the landscape. I also started plein air landscape painting. In order to be able to this I had to overcome some fears. Especially the fear of being alone, out there in nature, for anybody to see what I was doing. Being bold and just focussing on what I wanted to do I found out that plein air painting is the most ultimate way of breaking loose from daily life’s obligations and responsibilities.

The plein air paintings that I make are remembrances of a certain time and place. They are like little treasures to me.

Thank you for reading and showing interest into my work. Petra Hemelrijk